Riveting Machine

Riveting Machines are generally used to automatically set rivets in order to join materials together. The Riveting Machine offers Greater Consistency, Productivity, And Innovative Concept & Modern Manufacturing techniques.

The business of Sai Machine Tools is Manufacturing and Selling high quality Riveting Machine

Types of Riveting Machines:

There are many kinds of Riveting Machine, Spin Riveting Machine, Hydraulic Spin Riveting Machine, Pneumatic Spin Riveting Machine, Hydraulic Riveting Machine, Automatic Hydraulic Riveting Machine, Dual Head Riveting Machines, Multi Spindle Head Riveting Machines, Multi Head Riveting Machines, Flexible Automation Modular Units, Rivet Machine, Automatic Rivet Machine, Taumel Riveting Machine, Spin Orbital Riveting Machine, Bench Type SRM 03 To 12 Pneumatic, Pin Bar Orbital Riveting Machine, Horizontal Both Side Riveting Machine, Utensil Type Orbital Riveting Machine, Chair Riveting Machine,Extra Throat Depth Orbital Riveting Machine, Multi Head Riveting Machine, Multi Spindle Head Riveting Machine, Multi Point Riveting Machine, Modular Units, Roll Forming, Piston Riveting Machine, Auto Rivet Feeding Machine, Pneumatic Drill Machine, Roller Forming Machine, Chamfaring Machine (SPM), Pneumatic Press, Modular unit etc. Our challenge is to meet the needs of our customers and to exceed their expectations. On occasion, purchasers may ask Sai Machine Tools for advice or information about their use of our products.

Our Riveting Machine is available in various specifications as required by the clients. These are manufactured using high-grade material and is in conformation with industrial standards & quality. Further, these machines are acknowledged for its consistent performance and find wide applications in automobile, pharma, brake linings for commercial vehicles, aircraft, and locomotives, textile and leather goods, metal brackets, window and door furniture and various other industries.

Available in Various Material, these can be customized as per the Specific Requirements of our clients.

Spin Riveting Principle

In spin riveting the tools is mounted on a rotating spindle with the axis of tool fixed at an angle 3 to 6 degrees off the axis of the spindle. as the spindle rotates the tool orbitals the spindle axis and transcribes the pattern of an inverted cone. The tool doesn"t rotate on its own axis. the tool axis intersects the spindle axis at the working end of the tool and the orbiting tool presses on the rivet shank centre. As the pressure is applied a flowing wave of material is formed ahead of the orbital tool to produce the desired shape

Advantages of Ulta spin riveting machines

  • A wide range of rivet Diameter(0.5 to 20 mm)
  • Even Grain flow of rivet Material.
  • Considerably minimum stress on the rivet Material.
  • Aesthetic finish to the rivet head.
  • Longer tool life.
  • Quieter operation.
  • Simple tooling and easy setup.

Quality Checks and Standards

Our total commitment to quality is driven by a significant investment in People & Processes. Throughout the production process we ensure all the details are specified, Measured & Reviewed. Before delivering the machines to the client each particular goes under special quality check as per international standered.